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Combination with overseas training (Example of Company B)

The example case in which MG training was used to make the 3 months language training fruitful and effective.

Usually, during a long duration language training course, the trainees tend to slow down unless they are constantly kept motivated. In order to keep the tension rising and to getter better results from the language training course, company visits and MG training were added to the overseas training program. To start with, the company visits make the trainees used to the local business environment and they also get motivated watching the Japanese people successfully working in the local environment. Then they have MG training, where they have to work on business tasks and get reminded of the "Client first" thinking. While working on the tasks they also understand the importance of learning the language and become more serious about it. Additionally, in parallel with the English classes they are given missions where they have to use English, which leads to more practice of business English skills.

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