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Global Mindset Assessment Tool

What is G-Ship?

With a belief that, not just 'leadership' but 'Global Leadership' is most crucial as the "Ship" sets sail in the vast ocean of the international business world, we have named our Global Leadership Assessment tool as G-Ship.
G-Ship is a tool to assess the 7 elements that make a global mindset which is an essential attribute of a global leader.

Ways to use G-Ship

  • For the selection of a trainee/employee for an overseas assignment/training.
  • For conducting Before/After Assessment of global talent to evaluate the effectiveness of a training.
  • For selection of candidates during a job screening process.

Global Mindset Assessment Tool

Merits of G-Ship

Global Mind Set Assessment

G-Ship does not assess English skills, Work capability, knowledge or education but assesses the global mindset which is the foundation for a Japanese employee to be successful in the international environment.

Academic and Practical Corroboration

While developing G-Ship we have done a thorough investigation of the various institutions that have conducted extensive research of 'Global Leadership Competency' and campared it with the capabilities of a Japanese business person to verify the findings. Moreover, we have also used the statistical data of the Japanese expatriates living abroad. Hence the our Global Mindset Assessment tool is not just academic but also very practical.

Quantitative Analysis/ Organisational Diagnostics

In the G-Ship Asseessment Tool, the Global Mindset is the only criterion for assessing the performance and other factors like skills, knowledge are not used for the assessment. Therefore G-Ship assessment can be used as organisational assessment tool as well as general assessment tool without age, class, job etc. It can also be used for Before/After evaluation of the effectiveness of a global talent development activities.

How to take the G-Ship Test?

You can take the test online or on paper. The questions are all objective with mutiple choice answers. The time required to take the test is around 10 to 15 minutes. So the test does not have much impact onyour work. You can also choose to the take the test on your smart phone.

Importance of Global Mindset

Generally the Japanese display a reasonable level of business performance. But when it comes to working in an international environment, the performance level deteriorates.
To be able to perform well in a foreign country, it is definitely important to have language skills, cross cultural understanding, practical approach, global experience and technical skills. But in order to cultivate these qualities, it is very important to first acquire a global mindset.
If you can acquire the fundamental global mindset then the other skills like language, knowledge, technical skills.

What is a Global Mindset?

The term Global Mindset can be assessed using various elements. At Spice Up, we have thoroughly investigated the the research conducted by various academic institutions regarding "Global Leadership Competency*". With such accumulated knowledge and experience and also taking into consideration the characteristics of a typical business person, we have defined 7 elements of G-Ship. Moreover, we have developed G-Ship with collaboration with Institute of Transnational Human Research Management at Waseda University under the guidance and supervision of Prof. Mitsuhide Shiraki (Director, Institute for Transnational Human Resource Management, Waseda University ) who has also made available the data and algorithm required for the development of the G-Ship Assessment tool.

*Tiina Jokinen: "Desired mental characteristics of global leaders" (2005), Jill Conner: "Developing the global leaders of tomorrow" (2000), Judi Brownell : Commentary on "meeting the competency needs of global leaders : A partnership approach" : g-ship_memoAn executive coach's perspective(2006), Allan Bird : "Global Competencies Inventory" (2000) 他

Global Mindset Assessment Tool

Explanation about the G-Ship Result Individual Report

Global Mindset Assessment Tool

Global Mind-Set Level Indicator

A850-990Can be exceptionally successful even in international business environment.

B700-850Can be very successful even in international business environment.

C550-700 Will have a little trouble in successfully conduting business overseas.

D400-550Has a mindset such that it will be little difficult to work overseas.

E0-400Has a mindset such that it will be very difficult to work overseaas.

G-Ship (Global Mind-Set Assessment Tool)

Test left unanswered -
Test duration 10-15 minutes
Test pattern Online (PC/Smart Phone) or Paper test
Test material provided ・Test URL /Test Paper
・Individual Report (※ Minimum time required 2 weeeks)
Test fees ・Regular Test ( 1 Test) 1 Report --- 5000 Yen (Excluding tax)
・Before/After (2 Tests) 1 report --- 8000 Yen (Excluding tax)

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