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“Complete the missions with local buddy as your team mate”

MISSION: GLOBAL Buddy“Complete the missions with local buddy as your team mate”

The trainees will have a one-to-one buddy.
They will be able experience the local business environment very closely. They will be given missions by local companies,
They will have to go into the field with the buddy and use trial and error method to work on the missions,
They will present a proposal in English for new business/business improvement/new product to the client in English.

The skills that the trainees will achieve by the end of the training are:
  1. Will be able to express opinions in English and will be able to conduct meetings and presentations confidently in an international setting.
  2. Will be able to work with the local staff as a team and get the work done successfully.

Merits of MISSION: GLOBAL Buddy training program

Completely "English Only" environment

The trainees will be paired up with a local university student buddys, thus compelling the them to use only English during the training. This will give the trainees an experience filled with obstacles and struggle as they cannot escape speaking in English.

A program with more field work and result oriented tasks rather than only lecture based training

The program is designed to let the trainees closely experience the bustle of Asia, the diverse ways of thinking and environment of local people in Asia which is not possible through conventional lecture based training programs. Instead of listening to a one-way lecture, the trainees have to participate in discussions and give presentations and thus gain a very practical experience.

Understand the Real Meaning of Diversity and Gain Experience of Managing Local Staff

Rather than a lecture on cross cultural communication, trainees get to work with the local buddy for 1 week and understand the real meaning of diversity through practical experience.

MISSION: GLOBAL Buddy Schedule (Example)

Schedule (Example)

  • The program is designed such that, in order to complete the ’Final Mission’ , the trainees have to complete the daily missions which actually act as a clue to complete the final mission. Similar to real life business, you cannot complete the’ Final Mission’ without multi-tasking to complete the other mini missions. Additionally the trainees may get a special mission from their company.
  • Though the final mission seems impossible in the beginning, as the trainees complete their daily missions successfully, along the way, they develop their skills and network and then are able to accomplish the final mission as well.
  • The departure date and the period of stay is flexible and can be changed as required.

How Our Clients Used MISSION: GLOBAL

As a company we would like to make progress in the emerging countries but we have only few employees who would volunteer to move overseas. Hence we introduced MG in order to develop the global mindset.

We offered MG to 50 of our young employees who have just worked for 2 years in the company so that they develop a international mindset early on.

We introduced MG to help our employees to learn about self initiative, practical approach and creativity by working alongwith the people from other companies, in a competitive environment of experiential training.

We introduced MG to prepare our employees for the upcoming overseas training assignment and to make it more effective. (Click here to see more details)

Before a 3 months language training course, we introduced MG to motivate the employees to make the best use of the language course to upgrade their language skills. (Click here to see more details)

In the beginning of a year long program including business school and overseas internship, we introduced MG to prpare the global mindset of our employees. (Click here to see more details)

In order to increase the workforce that can actually work in a global environment, we introduced MG so that employees can experience a different culture where Japanese cannot be understood and they have to face a real struggle to be understood.

We introduced MG to intsill the quality of courage and stimulate a breakthough in our middle management employees.

We have been doing leadership programs for our selected young employees for many years. We introduced MG as one of the short overseas workshop. (Click here to see more details)

Our employees do not have to interact with people from other companies or other departments, and generally work alone. Hence we introduced MG to make them experience a completely different environment where they have to interact with many different people and work on hallenging tasks.

How Our Clients Used MISSION: GLOBAL

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Since the difficulty level and content of work is different for young employees and management level employees, we can change the missions given during the MG Training programs according to the level of the trainees.


English Level: No specific requirement
Acquire ability to be able to work anywhere in the world.
Age range: Mid 20's to mid 30's

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Required English Skills: Daily Conversation level and above
Gain the experience of working successfully with people from other countries.
Target Age Group: 30 - 40 years and above

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Overseas Training Programs : Examples

Recently many Japanese companies are working on globalization. We support such companies to develop talent that can be deployed overseas in case of urgent assignments, and also to develop global talent that can work successfully in emerging countries.