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Combination with overseas training (Example of Company D)

For the maximum effectiveness of MG, in addition to the MG training in a foreign country, a pre and post session is also conducted in Japan.

Example of a case in which MG training was used in combination with a half year leadership training course for selected young employees.

24 young employees were selected from the company to receive a 6 months leadership training with MG as the Core Content. During the Pre-training session, questions like " What is the company hoping to achieve by sending the employees for this training?" and "What is your goal for this training? ", were asked in order to clarify the goal of the MG training. Moreover, in order to be able to use the skills and mindset acquired in MG training, we also provided a PDCFA program as well. With a feedback from the director of the company who also led this MG training, the trainees were able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and bring a change in their daily work.

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